Peer-tutoring Interactions in a Book Club Program for Female Campers


  • Megan Dunphy Gregoire Borough of Manhattan Community College


reading, summer camp, peer tutoring, poverty, girls


This qualitative study examined how campers interact over text when paired up for a book club program. Participants for this study were all girls, all between the ages of seven and 14 and all came from backgrounds of poverty.  Audio transcripts, observations, and interviews were used to explore interactions of campers as they read together and discussed the books, which promoted high self-esteem for girls.  Emergent trends noted in qualitative data showed an increase in behaviors for big sisters indicating improved engagement and leadership, specifically in big sisters giving praise to little sisters, pushing little sisters for more complete answers to discussion questions and contributing to creating a discussion around the questions, rather than simply moving on immediately after a quick response by the little sister.

Author Biography

  • Megan Dunphy Gregoire , Borough of Manhattan Community College

    Megan Dunphy Gregoire is an Assistant Professor with the Academic Literacy and Linguistics Department at the Borough of Manhattan Community College of the City University of New York.  Her teaching has included courses in different levels of remedial reading at the college level, as well as literacy and propaganda, and critical thinking.  Dr. Dunphy Gregoire holds a Ph.D. in Literacy for At-Risk Learners from St. John’s University and has research interests in reading motivation and student retention. She can be reached at